A box full of stones – the jester‘s legacy

Nobody wants his weaknesses, mistakes or vanity to be made public, least of all by a jester. Till Eulenspiegel knew no limits when he revealed the deficiencies of late medieval society.
He exposed complacent citizens, corrupt noblemen and the church alike. The myth of Till Eulenspiegel and his numerous pranks has been constant for hundreds of years, even though the evidence is hard to find. The earliest publication of the Eulenspiegel book, written by author and toll collector Herman Bote, dates from 1510. According to this book, the joker was born in   Kneitlingen in 1300 and died in the Hospice of the Holy Spirit in Mölln in 1350. He was a restless soul who had already played his mischief in Italy and Poland before finally coming to Mölln. Till  made Mölln the Eulenspiegel town and here, he and his subtle humour became immortal. The town honours its most famous citizen and when in Mölln, you could meet Till almost  anywhere. The town employs Till who still uses hearty words to hold a mirror up to locals as well as tourists. Come and learn about the box full of stones in the Eulenspiegel Museum at the old Market Square.