When in Mölln, you‘re free to be a bit foolish. After all, the famous jester Till Eulenspiegel spent the final years of his life here. Even today he plays tricks on people, so watch out lest he fools you!

Surrounded by lakes, forests and idyllic nature, the town has been a Kneipp spa town since 1970. With its many lakes, the town offers fun for water lovers and boating enthusiasts alike, as well as for lovers of nature.

Well-preserved treasures from the Middle Ages, in addition to providing modern day services, turn Mölln into a popular tourist destination. The old town built around the St. Nicolai church, the medieval Town Hall, and the historic Market Square, are part of the urban Cultural Heritage Protection Trust and are well worth a visit.

When in Mölln, don‘t miss the many events, like the many traditional festivals, the Kurpark Spectacle, Concerts and the triennial Eulenspiegel Festival.

Information as well as comprehensive maps are available with our friendly tourist information staff. Feel free to drop by, enjoy a cup of coffee, and share your experiences with us. Who knows, maybe you‘ll meet Till Eulenspiegel himself!